3 Steps to Add Parts

  1. Part Details
  2. Match Part with Vehicle Model(s)
  3. Add Part Photo(s)

Step 1

Part Details

The Parent Vehicle field is only needed if the part is sourced from a car that you have on site

Parent Vehicle: 

Is this part sourced from a vehicle you already have on site? If so, you can select it here.

Part Category: *

Sub Category: *

Part Name: *

Keep it short but clear

Description: *

The short summary description appears directly below the part name.

Select Condition: 

  • A Grade: Highest level quality part. Has low miles and/or exceptional condition for its age.
  • B Grade: Second level quality part. Has average miles and/or normal condition for its age.
  • C Grade: Third level quality part. Has high miles and/or light damage condition for its age.
Brand Name: 


Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN): 

MPN: Manufacturer's Part Number

Alternate MPN: 

This is what is used to provide a part or material with another part number,
in order to allow for correlation between the part numbering scheme in APO
and the part numbering scheme in another system.


OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts are made for a particular car company.

Odometer: *

If unknown, enter 0 or blank

Ready to Sell Now?: *

Ready to Sell Now? = Yes means parts with in stock numbers greater than 0 are available for purchase

Create Key Part Features Bullet Points to highlight your part. 3 features are required (more info...)

Key Part Features

The Key Part Features on the detail page give the customer more details about the part and can influence the customer purchase decision.

  • Highlight the five key features (2 required) you want customers to consider
  • Maintain a consistent order. If your first feature point is the brand name, keep that same order for all your parts
  • Reiterate important information from the title and description
  • Begin each feature point with a capital letter
  • Write with sentence fragments and do not include ending punctuation
  • Do not include promotional and pricing information

Example: Thermostat

Good Part Features

  • 1-year, unlimited-mileage warranty
  • Stainless Steel
  • Direct Fit
  • 206 degrees
  • Fittings included

Bad Part Features

  • Top seller
  • Free delivery within
Feature Point 1: *

Feature Point 2 *

Feature Point 3: *

Feature Point 4: 

Feature Point 5: 

Whole Sale Price:* 

Customer Price:* 

Sale Price:* 

If sale price = customer price then only sale price is displayed. Otherwise customer price appears with a strike through to indicate a reduced price

Describe how part is sold...Engine, Transmission, 6-Pack, per Meter

Sold By:* 

In Stock: 

The number you have available to sell

Reorder Level: 

The system will notify you when stock reaches the reorder level

Part URL: 
Careful attention to storage locations makes it easier to find parts and manage inventory
Storage Location: 

Where will you store this item?

Admin Notes: 

These notes are only viewable by employees