3 Steps to Add a Complete Vehicle with Parts

  1. Add Vehicle
  2. Add Vehicle Parts
  3. Add Vehicle Photo(s)

Step 1: Add Vehicle

Buy Now = No means car is not ready to be sold
When the car is ready for customer purchase, this value must be updated to Yes

The short summary description appears directly below the car name.

  • A Grade: Highest level quality part. Has low miles and/or exceptional condition for its age.
  • B Grade: Second level quality part. Has average miles and/or normal condition for its age.
  • C Grade: Third level quality part. Has high miles and/or light damage condition for its age.

If unknown, enter 0 or blank

This is the price you pay

Price customer pays. Default 100% markup.

If sale price = customer price then only sale price is displayed. Otherwise customer price appears with a strike through to indicate a reduced price

Create Key Features to highlight this car. 3 features are required (more info...)

Key Vehicle Features

The Key Vehicle Features bullets on the detail page give the customer more details about the car and can influence the customer purchase decision.

  • Highlight the five key features (3 required) you want customers to consider
  • Begin each bullet point with a capital letter
  • Write with sentence fragments and do not include ending punctuation
  • Do not include promotional and pricing information

Example: 2015 Chevrolet Impala

Good Part Features

  • 1-year, unlimited warranty
  • 90,000kms
  • All Service Complete

Bad Part Features

  • A great deal
  • Free delivery within Oman
Careful attention to storage locations makes it easier to find parts and manage inventory
Storage Location: *

Where will you store this item?

You could describe any missing or parts to be replaced, etc.

Step 2: Add Vehicle Parts

  1. Add Vehicle
  2. Add Vehicle Parts
  3. Add Vehicle Photo(s)

General Part Pricing Information:
1. PRICE of 0 will NOT show PRICE on the site. Customers need to call for a price
2. Your Cost for individual parts is the average cost you normally pay
3. Your Cost would be auto % marked up to = Customer Price

Example: Brake Shoes/Pads
Your Cost:40.00
Your % Markup:100%
Customer Pays:80.00
*All values can be edited later

Parts % Mark Up:

This is the default % mark up for parts from this car. You can edit this value at any time.